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Updated: Nov 25, 2019

’Twas the Monday after Homecoming… if you’re anything like us, you’re trying to get over reality smacking you in the face this morning and scrolling through what seems like endless photos of groups of people posing on porches in their most outrageous tricolour combinations (are we also guilty of this? yes. Do we care? no.)

As we take time to reflect on the weekend and all the fun that was had, we couldn’t help ourselves - we HAVE to talk about the looks we loved and the ones we didn’t. Buckle in and get ready for our honest view of all the outfits we can’t wait to rage about. PSA: there’s no photos for the looks we didn’t love. We’re savage but we’re not THAT savage.

Looks we LOVED


photo courtesy of @zoekovacss

First of all, absolute props to anyone and everyone who managed to make yellow Queen’s clothing a look this past weekend. Yellow has had a big year - it was the trendy colour for Fall 2018 and Spring 2019, and judging from the looks we saw, that appreciation extended to Homecoming. We’ve always felt that the yellow is the most underrated of the tricolours, and although it’s not as versatile as the red and blue, it’s just as cute. Here’s to you, yellow.

Cropped Hoodies and Crew Necks

photo courtesy of @milaamsti

Predictable? Maybe. It seemed like every girl this year had some version of a cropped hoodie/crewneck/long sleeve. No matter, we can’t hate on a classic, and this is a look that we’re seriously loving. Firstly, cropped sweaters are genius - it keeps you way warmer than any other choices, and almost rationalizes the choice of shorts or tennis skirt it’s inevitably going to be paired with. An intersection between cute, flirty and weather appropriate? What’s not to love.

Tricolour Clothing Minus the Queen’s Branding

photo courtesy of @alxgoldman

Hear us out - we know that Homecoming is a time for school spirit but anything tricolour that isn’t plastered with Queen’s branding is super cute and stands out from everyone else without being outrageous. Think retro windbreakers, cute sweaters or even some red plaid pants - you’re trendy and you probably will spend way less thrifting than I did buying a 50 dollars sweater just to chop it up.. whoops. Plus, there is nothing we can rage about more than some serious vintage vibes.

Looks we DON’T love

The city of Kingston doesn’t give out tickets for the worst looks but maybe they should start. Time and time again, we see the SAME looks - and honestly we’ve had enough. If you wore any of these things, we sincerely apologize but maybe consider something new next year.


Okay. Knee socks, objectively, are cute. But seeing tricolour stripped knee socks over and over again is not cute. They had their moment - back when knee high boots were in style like 4 years ago. Plus, we know you’re cold wearing a skirt with knee highs. Just please consider regular length socks, we’re begging you.

Dark Blue Queen’s Cardigan

Anyone who goes to Queen’s knows exactly what we’re talking about. For those of you who don’t, let me paint you a picture. It’s an oversized, dark blue cable knit cardigan that is wayyy too preppy for a Homecoming Saturday - it looks like something you would wear to a Sunday movie night with your friends or to go work at a bookstore. It’s a staple at the Tricolour Outlet so it’s inevitable that we see it year over year. Let’s leave this one in the closet next year friends.

rage on xx

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