Summer has come and gone, it was a fun moment of biker shorts and bucket hats, but once again we’re back to good old fall fashion which realistically is just a rotation of jeans and sweaters. So in honour of this rotation that will be our reality for the next 5-8 months, we have curated a guide to make your denim rotation on trend and maybe a little less basic.

So what's all the rage with denim this season? Dad jeans. Yeah mom jeans are cool, but why not look even more rock ‘n’ roll with bigger, baggier denim? The key to rocking the dad vibe is finding your perfect pair that hugs the waist and booty but falls baggy and straight through the legs.


While on the topic of denim, we're obligated to talk about the skinny jean. If the trends are only getting bigger and baggier, is the skinny jean...out? To an extent, the skinny jean will always be a thing. They're a staple and are sometimes that perfect pant for those occasions where you can't be repping jeans that look like something your dad wore in the 70's. They are always flattering and look presentable. That being said, don't slap on a pair of skinny jeans thinking you're about to look like the trendiest b**** in the room.

While we’re huge supporters of recycling old trends, there are certain ones that were left in 2006 for a reason. That’s right folks, low rise jeans have risen (not literally though) from the pile of tamagotchis, Brittney Spears, and flip phones that we thought were left in the 2000’s. We’re raging.

Bella Hadid is all the rage - just not in low-rise.

Boot-cut jeans are another 2000's trend we're seeing. While we can't get behind the classic, ankle-length, country-girl flare, we do back a cute crop flare. This is a modern and tasteful take on the #TBT boot-cut trend.

Take our word for it when we say that 5 inch difference in length is the distinguishing factor between Carrie Underwood circa 2005 and Kendall Jenner circa 2019.


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