Updated: Nov 17, 2019

Winter is upon us: daylight savings has stolen every remaining ounce of light we had, the majority of us have seen the year’s first snowfall, and yet again we’re faced with the dilemma of looking cute while being warm. Hopefully this guide to 2019's GOATS & WOATS of outerwear can help a little.

The WOAT of coats this season? The standard parka: the one that every girl has or has had at one point or another with the fur to line the hood and a cinched waist that, let’s be real, does not make the coat any more or less flattering. If you’re feeling called out, just know that probably 90% of the Canadian female population has one and that I will realistically be busting mine out at some point this winter as a desperate defence against Kingston’s heinous weather. If you are however in the market for a new go-to winter coat that is will provide just as much warmth while looking on trend, our GOAT alternative is a long-a** puffer. Does it very closely resemble a sleeping bag? Yes. Do we love it for that reason? Yes.

Check out a couple that we've selected from Nordstrom that hit the mark:

Full-body Down Puffer (High Price Point)

Canada Goose Full-Body Puffer w/ fur-lined hood (High Price Point)

Outerwear trends this year have been spattered with some stunning vintage and thrifted looks and we are Raging about it, in all the best ways. While these looks may not be as warm as your parka or puffer, we recommend throwing on as many layers underneath as you possibly can without looking like Michelin man. Here are some of our favourite vintage-inspired outerwear looks of the season:

We would like to call your attention to a couple more jacket trends that were fun while they lasted but are not standing the test of time. Bomber jackets: they were just about the trendiest jacket circa 2016-2017 but their presence seems to have lingered a little longer than we would have hoped. This is an example of a trend that became too widespread, was eventually adopted by brands and retailers who made cheap dupes, and ultimately the trend was ruined for everyone. Secondly, fuzzy teddy coats. These fun and cozy pieces have a special place in my heart. In casual settings, go crazy and get cozy in your I.AM.GIA. jacket. However these shouldn't be thought of a fashion forward item anymore and instead, should be thought to be a teddy bear that you can wrap yourself in.

To finish on a high note, let’s give a shout out to the classic wool coat. Truly a classy and timeless piece that can be thrown over almost anything, make you look put together, and will keep you warm. Specifically, double-breasted, long, and not form fitting is the look we’re raging about. We’ve linked a few of our favs down below.

Boyfriend Fit Grey Coat (Low Price Point)

Double-Breasted Camel Coat (Low Price Point)

Double-Breasted Brown Coat (Mid Price Point)

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