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Updated: Oct 8, 2019

September means a lot of different things - everyone breaks out their best jean jacket, there's like 3 boys who are somehow still wearing shorts even though it's 12 degrees but most importantly, it's Fashion Month.

Every fall, September hosts the major Fashion Weeks, held in New York, London Paris and Milan, the fashion capitals of the world. Designers, brands and couture houses display their latest collection for the the media, potential buyers, and the choice celebrities that are lucky enough to score a ticket to sit in the front row (FROW to those who are #fancy)

For the rest of us normal people, each fashion week brings photos of the Hadid sisters and/or Kaia Gerber sauntering down a runway, wearing pieces that inspire awe, envy, or if we’re being brutally honest (you know us!) are just truly ugly. Below, we break down a couple of looks we loved and a couple that really missed the mark. Let us begin.


House Chanel

Chanel really brought the heat with their Spring/Summer 2020 Collection. Set on a dreamy Parisian rooftop and featuring ample amounts of their signature tweed, Creative Director Virginie Viard paid homage to the brand’s roots, while incorporating her own fresh, laid back take on some truly iconic looks. This collection featured soft pinks and even more black tulle, so safe to say we absolutely LOVED it. Not to mention, it scores lots of points for being one of the most wearable collections of the week.

Alexander McQueen

If we could sum up the Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer show in one word it would be this: drama (but the good kind). For all the drama, the collection was refreshingly minimalistic, which isn’t a phrase that’s normally used to describe couture fashion. It focused heavily on contrasting fabrics - heavy leathers set against white lace. The pièce de resistance (look at us being on brand for Paris Fashion Week) was Kaia Gerber absolutely MURDERING it in the dreamiest dress we’ve ever seen. No rage here.

Um… Better Luck Next Year?


Take a minute to process that picture.

Okay now that you’ve had a good look, we proceed to ask - what the f**k is going on here.

We didn’t know electrical tape was a fashion accessory, and this just proves that there was a reason it wasn’t. Correct us if we’re wrong but fashion week is supposed to show clothing and this is…not?

Also honourable mention to the red riding hood style cloak that tries so hard to be cute enough to cover up the atrocity underneath it. Courrèges let’s try this again next year maybe.


Trust me, we’re as disappointed as you are - but can you blame us? With a large increase in sales amongst the millennial market, and one of the most recognizable brand names in fashion, Gucci has been on the up and up. We guess that means they think they don’t have to try? Jock straps - no matter if they're bedazzled or not, have never been fashionable and not even Gucci can make that happen. Not to mention the suits themselves range from fancy Napolean Dynamite to a Little Mermaid inspired colour pallet. It’s safe to say that these looks were not gucci (nice one).

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